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Community Action Fund

West Essex has funding from the Department for Health and Social Care, Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England to fund community projects that reach out to people at risk of suicide. We are in Wave 4 of this funding which has already started in other parts of Essex.

The Aim of the Wave Four Programme:

  • Build resilience to Mental Health problems in local communities
  • Promote positive mental health in local communities
  • To reduce the stigma of self-harm and suicide.
  • To increase the community-based support for those at risk of suicide, including in high risk groups.
  • To reduce the incidence of self-harm and repeated self-harm.
  • To reduce the impact of self-harm and suicide.

Who we want to help:

1. Projects that support men, especially middle-aged men, and young men where there is an emerging risk of self harm and suicide.

2. Projects supporting men in high risk groups:

  • In the care of Mental Health Services, including
  • With a history of self-harm.
  • In contact with the Criminal Justice
  • Working in specific occupations – construction and farming.
  • Vulnerable groups – People of colour, LGBTQ+, Veterans, Homeless and rough sleepers, survivors of domestic/sexual

Men who haven’t used mental health services but have underlying risk factors/triggers/stressful live events eg bullying, relationship breakdown, loneliness/social isolation, bereavement, financial issues etc., and which are likely to have been impacted by COVID.

Three quarters of men who complete suicide have NOT sought help – how can your project reach them? 

If your organisation has an idea that will get out and connect with men, you can apply for up to £3000 to get your project moving.

You can apply now for your project for 2022 funds

Guidance Notes

Application Form

Please complete and return to:

Lois Sparkes
Mind in West Essex
10-11 Corner House
Bush Fair
Essex CM18 6NZ

[email protected] 

Our first round of funding is complete and here are some successful projects:

RETUNE – Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Mind in West Essex to support better mental wellbeing for our staff. This initiative builds on our dynamic and imaginative approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of our people, bringing a diversity of approaches and thinking working with Retune wellbeing and our staff who champion wellbeing Clinical nurse specialist, Caroline Ashton-Gough and Shahid Sardar, Associate director patient engagement.” Princess Alexandra Hospital

MUSIC BOX – Katherines Hatch Common Room, Harlow CM195NP

[email protected]  

Music is, for many, incredibly important and can provide a much needed source of escapism and comfort away from their everyday worries and concerns

A new daytime adult music group for those who are struggling with social isolation and loneliness due to the impact of COVID. 

This will be a guided session in terms of the music element. Encouraging participants to organise themselves to rehearse, form bands, create set lists and interact to form relationships in the course of a joint endeavour.  Giving opportunities to build friendships, support, and share experiences together.

It’s about giving participants a purpose to be involved in something. This will very much give members a sense of purpose, belonging and worth. Reducing the risk of self harm and Promoting positive mental wellbeing.

FIND YOUR TOOLS – Turn Around Counselling, Harlow

We are going to be providing a six-week project to be held every Wednesday evening, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.  We have two male mentors with lived experience to run these groups, although as trained counsellors we will also be on hand to support our mentors each week and be available if a group member would like to talk, or just be heard in private.

Each week we will be doing a different activity to include:

  • Music
  • Building 
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Walk and talk
  • Tools for managing emotion

Our two mentors who will be facilitating the groups are both men that have contemplated suicide and have experienced and tried many different tools, activities to help them on the path to lay those thoughts to rest and find a purpose in their lives.

THERASPACE CIC – You don’t have to be a SUPERHERO to save a life

Or to make a difference in the life of a young man in need of a male role model just like you!

  • Did someone make a difference in your life?
  • Do you want to pay it forward to someone else?
  • Can you a minimum of at least 1hour a week for at least 6 weeks?
  • Do you want to help support a young man who may need a listening ear?

If you do, we need you, no experience necessary as training will be provided and you must be prepared to have a DBS check carried out.

Interested? Contact us for further information or to sign up to help, email [email protected] or call, Ros on 07983399825, Shelly on 07592446865 or Linda on 07966154446.