Suicide Awareness Friends

Creating a community of Suicide Awareness Friends (SAF) to support each other and our networks. Join together through our training and keep connecting. Be part of the movement to reduce suicide.   


I liked the ‘listening without comment’ exercise. It highlighted actually how difficult it is not to step in and advice someone when listening is more helpful. Never tell someone you know how they feel is also very good advice.

How we were given the opportunity to practice with Mike how we might respond. What NOT to say was really important too and the reasons why.

A wonderful workshop that really helps boost your confidence in approaching someone who is potentially suicidal and makes you aware of the impact that a small chat can make to a vulnerable individual

What does it mean to be a suicide awareness friend?

Being a friend is a commitment to be aware of how people are feeling. To have an understanding that people sometimes find themselves in situations that can be very difficult to move on from.

Being a friend is about being non-judgemental and to have conversations with people who may be going through difficult times, aiming for a positive outcome and signposting to the right professional service for that person. Being a friend is also talking about suicide awareness to the community if/when appropriate.

Being a friend is not about taking on any formal role nor manning a crisis service, nor ‘counselling’ someone.

It is about offering a kind, compassionate connection with someone feeling suicidal.

We welcome your comments and ideas about suicide awareness so that we can grow this work together

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